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Tentickle’s Bespoke Luxury Tents were specifically designed to provide innovative investors with an ethereally beautiful and irrefutably practical leave-no-footprint luxury tent solution. The result is a revolutionary fusion of quality, technology and style. A bespoke product combining the leading edge Tentickle Tentflex stretch fabric with a fully enclosed, modular accommodation unit.

Tending to outdoor tourism in extreme environments and different climate zones worldwide, we developed two standard luxury tent ranges, both with the option of being fully insulated: The Glamper Range and The Explorer Range.

The Glamper Range

The Glamper Range showcases an ingenious and economic design combining an individual canvas cabin with a stretch tent roof, providing double roofing for a comfortable living climate.

The Explorer Range

Tentickle’s Explorer Range is taking luxury camping even further, tending specifically to high end tourism.

Custom Tent Design

The head developer and owner of Tentickle Marco Slunder and his team of experts offer Custom Tent Designs and comprehensive Turnkey Tent Solutions. Realize your luxury camp vision with the leading stretch tent manufacturer worldwide!

Custom Tent Fittings

Tentickle Bespoke Luxury tents offer a quality range of tent fittings including fitted hinged doors, sliding doors, stacking doors, top hung windows, fixed framed glass panels, flooring options and heating appliances. If you have chosen a luxury tent with insulated wall panels, we strongly recommend opting for Tentickle’s window & door options to guarantee a tight fit and seamless look.

Outer Shade Roof


For extremely hot and sunny countries Tentickle have developed a double roofing system by adding 90% PE high density and high tensile shade cloth sewn with PTFE Tenara Thread about 80cm above the Tentflex roof. This keeps the tent cool during the day and extends the lifetime of the tent. The shade cloth is re-enforced with a central panel of Tentflex fabric to ensure durability and to get that stylish stretch tent flow.


We are fortunate to work alongside world-class brands and companies around the globe.  

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