Bespoke luxury cabin tents that can be set up anywhere

Our range of cabin tents are guaranteed to evoke admiration at first glance from your guests. The design, influenced by the graceful lines found in nature, blends in with its wild surroundings creating the impression that the camp is completely part of nature. The generous proportions and luxurious fittings inside our cabin tents mean that your guests can experience all the comfort of five star luxury in unique and picturesque surroundings. Tentickle’s cabin tent camp solution has been engineered to enable you to set up camp even in ecologically sensitive areas without damage.

Experience Nature in Luxury, Comfort and Unique Style

Our luxury cabin style tents will allow your guests to experience nature at its best while enjoying all the creature comforts of home. Inspired by nature, the gentle organic lines and colour palette ensure our cabin tents seamlessly blend into their surroundings, making them ideal for luxury bush camps. And when you step inside you’ll appreciate that our tent designers have really gone the extra mile to create a cabin tent solution with no harsh contrasts. For example, even the colour of the poles in the supporting structure are matched with the fabric of the tent. All-in-all, you’ll find the beauty and fluidity of the design is carried through to finest details to ensure that your guests’ exquisite experience of nature is unparalleled.

A New Wave of Luxury Cabin Style Tents

We have taken the concept of luxury cabin tents and have created a range of outdoor accommodation units that are totally unique, from the extraordinary appearance to the ease of transporting and setting up these tents.

Unlike mass-produced equivalents, we have produced large cabin tents that provide exceptional comfort and style. Some of the features include:

  • Ample space, with a height of up to 3.8m, to create lodgings for your guests that are spacious, cool and comfortable.
  • Full length doorways allow your guests easy access, regardless of age, as no bending or crouching is required. The generous openings also means it’s possible to cater for those with disabilities, thus removing any restrictions on the type of guests your camp can accommodate.
  • Expansive windows mean that your guests can enjoy nature’s beauty without having to leave the comfort of their oasis-like accommodation.
  • Whatever size you opt for, our cabin tents are designed to be able to fit standard furniture so you can provide all the comforts of home in a unique and special setting, creating memories for life.
  • Complete en-suite bathroom, with flushing toilet, a basin and a shower.
  • Our tent cabins’ design affords guests total privacy, without compromising on the enjoyment of the natural vistas around them.
  • Constructed using our specially patented stretch tent fabric for the roof and high quality canvas for the walls, our cabin style tents are 100% waterproof. As an extra precaution the PVC floors have been fitted using a bathtub configuration, and there is a waterproof divider between the bathroom and living area to prevent any overflow from the shower.
  • The doors and windows are fitted with a strong rubberised gauze. This means your guests can keep their tents 100% bug free.
  • Top and bottom air vents encourage airflow, creating a natural air conditioning system in the summer and preventing condensation settling in cooler weather.
  • The double roofing layer, which is an optional add-on, provides extra shade covering, keeping the cabin tent fabric cool and preventing heat from radiating into the tent.
  • The verandas are fully shaded and waterproofed, providing guests with a quiet spot to get away and soak in the great outdoors.

Operationally Efficient and Easy to Set Up

Our range of cabin tents have been created based on our experience working in areas where transport, access and environmental factors are often challenging. Our cabin style tents are therefore designed to be easy to set up, take down and cause minimal impact on the ecosystems where they are set up.

  • The use of lightweight aluminium poles (mild steel and stainless steel also available) and the compact nature of our tents when deconstructed means that our cabin style tents can be transported quite easily without the use of heavy vehicles.
  • Depending on the tent size, set up takes between three-and-a-half and five hours with a rigging team of four to five men. Our range of cabin tents utilises a specialised plug-in pole system which means no drilling, making the tents suitable for repeated use without damaging the poles.
  • Our cabin tents are easy to clean and maintain, and thanks to the modular structure the majority of repairs and routine maintenance can be carried out in site, with minimal disturbance to your guests.
  • The unique design and concept of our luxury cabin style tents means that your camp can be up and running in next to no time, with very little hassle.

Lasting Quality

Years of experience, an in depth knowledge of the areas in which our tents are most suitable and the utilisation of German manufacturing principles has allowed us to develop a range of the best cabin tents on the market. Our cabin style tents don’t just provide luxurious accommodation, they are built to stand up to the elements, to last and to look beautiful while doing so.

  • Our specially patented stretch tent fabric that is used for the roof is not only 100% waterproof but is also UV resistant.
  • An additional optional double roofing layer further protects your cabin style tent from the sun, adding to its lifespan.
  • The premium quality canvas that is used for the walls is treated with an antifungal coating, as well as a waterproof coating that is guaranteed for three years.
  • The rubber coating on the mosquito netting increases longevity and strength.
  • The high grade lightweight aluminium, or stainless steel or mild steel poles are strong, corrosive resistant and easy to transport.
  • Only the highest quality zips and velcro are used.
  • There is a range of interior options available, made to the same exacting standards as the cabin tents themselves, offering you a seamless, hassle-free solution to set up your luxury bush camp operation.
  • Our luxury cabin tents are made to order, using the finest materials and highly skilled tent technicians, ensuring you get the best quality and that your guests enjoy an exceptional nature experience.

Establish or Increase Your Business with our Luxury Cabin Tents

Tentickle’s range of cabin style tents allow you to provide your guests with unsurpassed luxury, a totally unique experience, and will provide your business with enormous opportunities to flourish. You will start earning your investment back almost immediately thanks to the relatively short time it takes from ordering to fully functional set up.

While traditional building is expensive and can take a lot of time, our cabin tents allow you to start welcoming guests within weeks.

  • No delays – There are no plans to be passed, changes to design to be made, delays due to suppliers. Once your deposit has been paid your cabin style tent goes into to production so that you can have your camp up and running in no time.
  • Lower purchase price – Relative to building with bricks and mortar, plus there is the added advantage of no hidden costs that will suddenly crop up, impacting on the total cost of acquisition.
  • Off season running costs eliminated – because our tents are so easy to dismantle you can shut up camp during the off season, saving you money on running costs, staff and general wear and tear.
  • Open up new avenues of revenue – the dynamic nature of our luxury cabin style tents means that new areas are now open to you. You can set up camp where no one has gone before, offer your guests a totally unique experience and tread lightly in previously inaccessible environments that could not sustain permanent camp set ups, making our cabin tents a smart business investment.

Standard Features across the Range


  • A tent roof constructed of Tentickle organic, breathable, UV-resistant, patented stretch fabric
  • Up to 60 knots wind resistant roof
  • High quality canvas walls yield exceptional longevity
  • PVC flooring comes standard
  • Elective double roofing manufactured with 90% grade density fabric
  • 100% Waterproof fabric
  • Fire-retardant fabric compliant with International Standards


  • Choose from grey, chino, brown or green roofing and walls
  • Powder coated poles and fittings match canvas colours

Window Configuration Options:

  • Expansive windows : Size of windows can be customised
  • Rubberised high strength mosquito netting.
  • Roll-up canvas closures
  • For cooler climates, clear PVC windows are offered as a choice.


  • Standard height and width sized doors.
  • ‘Bathtub’ floor construction keeps out bugs and ground water.
  • Bathroom includes shower, basin and flushable toilet.
  • Separate flooring between bedroom/living area and bathroom.
  • Bathroom floor level air vents helps to minimise mold build up, however they can be closed in colder temperatures.
  • All models have a waterproof, shaded front veranda.

Exceptional Luxury Cabin Tents that will leave Your Guests Awe-Struck

German inspired engineering, unparalleled design, advanced technology and superior quality materials translates into Tentickle Tents’ inspirational luxury cabin tents. The range consists out of the Eco Glamper, Luxury Glamper and 360° Pano Glamper. Talk to us today to assist you in transforming your luxury campsite into an experience your nature-loving guests will never forget.

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