Eco Tents Designed to Work in Harmony with Nature

Tentickle’s range of luxury eco tents are the ideal solution for eco farms and eco resorts that want to provide their guests with an experience that will enhance their closeness to and appreciation of nature, while offering the most luxurious accommodation at the same time. Our eco tents have been specifically designed so that they have no lasting impact on the environments in which they are set up, which makes them perfect for eco glamping. Our tents have been constructed to create a symbiosis with the eco environments in which they are set up. This makes them the ideal accommodation solution for your Eco Farm. They provide your guests with 5 star luxury and comfort, while working hand in hand with the ‘leave no trace’ principle.

Eco tents with an aesthetic appeal

Being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean compromising on looks when it comes to the design of our eco tents. In fact, quite the contrary. In order to fit in with the eco principles of many eco farms and resorts it is important to have accommodation that works in harmony with the environment, and the design of our eco tents does just this. The stunning architectural designs of our tents use nature’s natural forms and lines as inspiration. They have been designed to enhance the natural surroundings and blend into nature.

Comfortable and luxurious eco friendly tents

At Tentickle we understand that you want to offer your discerning guests luxury, comfort and a sense of general well being by communing with nature. Our range of elegant eco tents ensures you can create an eco experience that is unrivalled. We understand that comfort and the great outdoors can go hand in hand, that you don’t have to sacrifice luxury for an authentic eco experience, which is why we have designed our eco tents with all the elements necessary to provide the comfort of a luxury hotel out in the heart of nature.

  • Natural Air Con: The voluminous roof and well positioned air vents mean that air flows naturally, cooling the tent down naturally on very hot days, so you won’t have to worry about increasing your carbon footprint. The optional double roof will keep things even cooler, while the shaded veranda is ideal for staying out of the heat. You are guaranteed to be providing a real eco experience that is cool, comfortable and does not involve compromising your eco resort’s vision of being environmentally friendly.
  • No insects inside: Part of the eco experience is embracing all of nature’s wonders, including bugs, but we understand that this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thanks to the durable mesh windows and doors your guests won’t have to worry about them inside, and the bugs will be safe outside in their natural habitat where they belong.
  • A room with a view: What better way to get your guests to appreciate the wonder of nature, and want to preserve it, than giving them a first hand view of the magic that is out there. With our wide expansive windows they will have ample opportunity soak up the surrounding beauty of Mother Nature in all her glory.
  • Convenient en-suite bathroom: An eco experience does not mean roughing it. In fact, with our eco tents you can provide your guests with five star hotel quality amenities out in nature. All our eco structures are built with en-suite bathrooms with a shower, basin and flush toilet with fully rigged plumbing.

Practical Eco Friendly Tent Manufacturers

Our eco tents have been designed for eco resort owners. The processes and elements involved in the setup have been developed with maximum operational efficiency in mind. A key component to the design and setup process is that our luxury eco tents are kind to the environment, not only once set up but during set up as well. There is no heavy machinery needed for transport or assembly. When packed up they fit onto the back of a utility vehicle, and the only power you will need is man power when setting up.

  • Hassle free transport: We understand that minimising the environmental impact of establishing an Eco Farm is a big factor so we have designed a range of eco friendly tents that are compact when packed up so that they don’t require heavy duty trucks that destroy sensitive eco zones. They fit on the back of a 4×4 pickup.
  • Speedy Setup: It takes just a few hours and between four and five men, depending on which eco structure you opt for, to set up our tents. The Eco Glamper can be up in just 3.5 to 4 hours with four men, 4.5 – 5 hours for the Luxury Glamper and the Eco Glamper Suite and Pano Glamper take 5 – 6 hours with a five man team. There are no power tools needed thanks to the plug-in pole system, so no electricity is required for set up either.
  • Easy to repair on site: The modular design of our eco tents means that in the unlikely event that a tent needs to be repaired, most of the time it can be carried out on site. Not only does this mean that you don’t have to transport the tents to be repaired, but it also minimises the need to disrupt your guests peaceful stay.

Suppliers of Quality Eco Tents

At Tentickle we place heavy emphasis on the quality and durability of our products. Using German inspired production methods, our eco tents are built to last and withstand nature’s elements. Each one of our eco structures is made to meet our exceptionally high standards using only the best materials on the market, while remaining true to our vision of providing incredible close-to-nature eco experiences to your guests.

  • Strong and durable, our eco tents are engineered to stand up to the elements thanks to the sturdy lightweight aluminium poles, or mild steel poles or stainless poles (for coastal regions) that are used to make the structure of the tents.
  • Specially patented stretch tent fabric is used for the roofs of our tents, which is both UV resistant and waterproof. The walls are made using strong, top quality canvas that is also 100% waterproof.
  • Whether you opt for mesh or PVC window openings, you can rest assured that only the best quality products have been used, and in the case of the mesh it is rubber coated for durability and longevity.
  • Should you opt for the double roofing system you can have peace of mind knowing that you are extending the lifespan of your eco tent, while providing additional cooling for your guests.

Why our eco tents are a smart business decision

Unlike traditional construction, which is costly, takes a long time to complete and disturbs the surrounding environment, our eco tents will start creating revenue almost immediately, with no impact on the environment. You also have the peace of mind that you will get exactly what you require in terms of structures with no hassle, additional costs or labour issues . Once you have placed your order and paid your deposit, your eco farm accommodation can be up, running and earning in weeks.

  • Instant Setup – As soon as you pay your deposit your eco friendly tents go into production and take a matter of weeks to complete. You don’t have to worry about delays, plans or messy building sites. You can start welcoming guests straight away.
  • Cost EfficientBuilding is expensive, and timely. There are so many costs to factor in not only for materials but for labour too. Unlike building, our eco tents guarantee that once you have paid there will be no extra costs.
  • Save out of season – Because they are easy to break down, our range of eco friendly structures can be taken down out of season, saving you money when you don’t have guests. There is no costly upkeep, nor are there staff salaries to pay.
  • Open up new business opportunities – The growing popularity of eco glamping means that you can easily tap into this market with our range of eco tents. Our eco structures provide a natural synergy between guest accommodation and eco experiences. The design of the structures to be compatible with nature, the easy way in which they can be transported is also very much in line with eco principles. The ease of setup and the luxurious nature of our luxurious eco structures means that you can create an eco farm with a difference.

Standard Features across the Range


  • Breathable, organic, UV-resistant stretch tent fabric roof
  • Roof is resistant against winds of up to 60 knots
  • Resilient, durable canvas walls
  • PVC flooring standard on all models
  • 90% density shade cloth double roofing can be selected as an option
  • 100% waterproof
  • Fire-retardant tent fabric (Compliant to International Standards)


  • Wall and roof colour options: Chino, grey, brown and green
  • Colour matched, powder coated fittings and poles

Window Configuration Options:

  • Large windows for viewing can be ordered with specified sizing and placement
  • Roll-up canvas closes over rubber-strengthened mosquito mesh windows
  • PVC windows available as an option in cooler climates


  • Easy access thanks to standard-sized doors
  • Flooring design (‘bathtub’ configured) keeps out groundwater and bugs
  • En-suite bathroom facilities with flushable toilet as well as a shower and basin
  • Bedroom/living room and bathroom flooring are separated
  • Bathroom, floor level air vents prevents mold build up.Can be closed when cooler
  • Shaded, front verandas are waterproof as well

Create an Unparalleled Nature Experience with our Luxury Eco-Tents

Tentickle’s range of eco tents have been designed to work hand in hand with nature. They have been built around the idea of creating an experience that not only brings your guests into nature’s domain but also offers them unsurpassed luxury and comfort. The synergy created between our eco structures and nature will inspire your guests to tread lightly, and take in the natural beauty of their surrounds. For more information about our groundbreaking eco tents visit the pages for the Eco Glampers, Luxury Glamper or 360° Pano Glamper. Should you wish to find out more, please complete the form on this page and we will get back to you to start helping you build a sustainable eco farm.

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