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The Explorer Range

Tentickle Stretch Tents have developed an ingenious tenting solution that is designed specifically towards the upper luxury camping market. The flexible membrane attaching the accommodation unit to the stretch tent roof creates ceiling heights of 3.5 to 5 metres, offering breath-taking views and a massive canvas for the most sophisticated interior concepts. No roofing framework – only lots of open space.

With a fully enclosed indoor space ranging from 32 to 165 square metres and a total indoor/outdoor living area ranging from 94 to 310 square metres – there are literally no limits to luxury.

Committed to quality

Experience a bespoke product combining the cutting edge Tentickle Tentflex fabric with PTFE Tenara thread, customisable side walls in a combination of rip stop canvas, rubber coated mosquito netting and clear PVC and an optional fully enclosed PVC floor. The durable Teflon-coated stretch tent roof is 100% waterproof, UV-resistant and optionally fire retardant.

Their aerodynamic design is certified to withstand wind speed up to 115 km/h. Especially for tropical climates and high humidity zones, all fabrics are impregnated with an extraordinarily strong anti-fungal treatment. Only superior quality Velcro and zippers are used to guarantee a 100% bug-free environment. All Explorer tents are available as insulated hard-shell option with a wide range of fitted doors & windows.



The Explorer Range comprises of 16 standard units with a fixed layout, considering your choice of the entrance door position. The catalogue price includes the tent structure from the floor upwards with replaceable zip doors, the initial project plans, technical drawings of the tent, technical drawings to assist the construction of the foundation and real-life visualisations. Customisations to your specific requirements are offered by our Custom Tent Design division and charged as an additional service upon request.

Eco Explorer

Eco Explorer Plus

Eco Explorer Plus with WC

Eco Explorer Suite

Eco Explorer Suite with WC



360° Explorer

Octo Explorer

Luxury Explorer

Luxury Explorer XL

Desert Fox

Desert Fox with WC

Desert Fox with Patio

Desert Fox XL

Desert Fox XXL

Insulated Hardshell Option


The canvas walls can be replaced with insulated Aluzinc/ PU hard foam sandwich panels and fitted windows and doors. The panels give the option to hide electrical wiring and are finished with canvas to keep the tent look. The insulated panels improve wind stability, sound proofing and heat insulation.

False ceilings are available to close off sections of the living space (i.e. bathroom or toilet). The insulated hard-shell walls have a lifetime of 25 years, the tent roof may require replacement after 10 years.


Tentickle’s Explorer tents are elaborate, semi-permanent housing units and require expert installation by our experienced rigging crew or a minimum of two professional technicians together with your local rigging crew. It takes an experienced rigging crew of 6 – 8 men between 2 and 10 days to assemble one unit. Once we understand the scope of your project, we will provide a comprehensive proposal including project timeline, transport options and installation.

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