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There is something inexplicably magical about being surrounded by the untamed wilderness, yet inside your tent, you find all the trimmings and amenities you’d expect from a luxury safari lodge. 

If you come across a glamping location that not only blows your mind but also embraces sustainability, it won’t be a surprise to find our luxury tents gracefully set up there. Tentickle’s tents have become synonymous with the perfect blend of eco-friendliness, comfort, and breathtaking beauty. We take great pride in being associated with some of the world’s most exquisite and sought-after nature tourism sites. 

Hoanib Valley Camp 

Hoanib Valley Camp in Namibia is a true gem in the heart of the strikingly beautiful landscape of the Kaokoveld region. Overlooking the picturesque Hoanib River Valley, the camp is thoughtfully and tastefully designed, allowing guests to immerse fully into the wilds of the desert. This unique wilderness spot is home to the endangered black rhino, desert-adapted wildlife and the nomadic Hoanib and Himba tribespeople.

Your Stay Close to Nature

Hoanib Valley Camp not only highlights the stunning natural environments of Namibia but also showcases the beauty and elegance of Tentickle luxury tents.

Guests choose from six tents raised on wooden platforms, providing panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness. Indeed, the luxury tent units utilized in this setting are the renowned Tentickle tents, custom-made to suit the rugged and remote environment. Each tent is constructed with high-quality materials and designed to offer guests a comfortable and authentic yet luxurious experience.

The tents are spacious, featuring en-suite bathrooms, indoor showers, and a private shaded veranda where visitors can relax and soak up the captivating beauty of the region. The design of these tents embodies the signature style of Tentickle with its unique shape, elegant flowing lines, durable materials, and cleverly placed doors and windows.


  • Double roofing system for a pleasant and comfortable living environment even in scorching temperatures. 
  • Unparalleled protection against wind, rain, and other harsh weather conditions
  • Cutting-edge materials featuring Tentickle Tentflex fabric with PTFE Tenara thread and premium-grade 500gr ripstop canvas. 
  • Outer shade for invaluable protection to the stretch tent roof, enhancing its long-term durability and performance.

The camp’s mess tent is equally impressive, providing a beautiful space for guests to meet, relax, and dine. The tent features a central fireplace, comfortable seating, a bar, and a dining area. The extraordinary ambience of the mess tent is a perfect complement to the cosy accommodations of the Tentickle luxury tents, offering an unforgettable safari experience.
With these luxurious tents as your base camp after a day filled with thrilling adventures, your guests can unwind in style while being surrounded by nature’s untouched beauty. Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity to elevate your campsite’s offerings by partnering with Tentickle Tents. Contact us today, and let us help transform your site into a captivating destination for wild enthusiasts.

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