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No one does luxury tented camps like Africa. The continent’s diverse and breathtaking landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for an unparalleled glamping adventure, much like the captivating setting we explored in Part 1 of our Location Series. In Part 2, we’re shifting our focus to the exceptionally cosy adventure luxury camps found in Tanzania.

It’s hard to imagine a more peaceful setting. Picture your guests immersed in the beauty of the pristine wilderness or white beaches of Zanzibar and cocooned in an eco-friendly, comfortable, and extraordinary Tentickle luxury tent. As a proud partner of some of the world’s most sought-after nature tourism sites, we’re thrilled to continue our mission of bringing luxury and sustainability to the forefront of glamping experiences. 

Explore our top picks for indulgent luxury camping in Tanzania’s most scenic spots, featuring Tentickle luxury tents at each remarkable location.


Nestled on the southwestern coast of Zanzibar, Kizikula stands as a breathtaking eco-hotel, inviting guests with elevated views of the sea and the allure of adventure. This exotic tropical retreat features nine spacious rooms, a farm-to-table restaurant, a spa area, and a 20m elevated pool. Adding to the charm is a pavilion and cocktail area overlooking the ocean, seamlessly connected by a delightful underground tunnel.

Sayari Camp

Sayari Camp is set north of the world-renowned Serengeti National Park and has stunning views of the Serengeti plains. Overlooking the Mara River, the camp is a rare permanent facility, providing unparalleled opportunities to witness the migration of millions of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles, along with predators like lions and leopards. 

Guests choose from 15 spacious tented suites providing top-notch amenities like plush beds and luxurious ensuite baths for a comfortable retreat. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind property featuring Tentickle’s Eco Explorer tent solutions, ideal for couples or small families seeking a nature-immersed experience without compromising on home comforts. 

Namiri Plains

Another exclusive tented camp with a high level of luxury and design is the Namiri Plains. Located in the sprawling plains of Tanzania’s eastern Serengeti, the remote camp offers some of East Africa’s best ‘big cat’ viewing opportunities and sightings of hyena, zebra and Thomson’s gazelle. 

Namiri Plains Camp boasts ten gorgeous luxury tents for anyone who wants to experience the magic of the vast Serengeti grasslands. The tents showcase exquisite design, blending tan-coloured tensile tent structures with stunning volcanic stone walls. On this site, you’ll find Tentickle’s high-quality, custom stretch tent solutions, which follow organic shapes and seamlessly integrate to fit your pre-existing structures or any challenging configuration.

Other notable mentions include the Lolkisale camp, Osero North and South Camp, and the beautiful Serengeti camp. Tentickle’s Desert Fox XL & Maestro hybrid transforms these elegant tented bush lodges into visually stunning havens, offering wild luxury and refinement. With comfortable seating and a dining area provided by the mess tent model, guests can unwind in style while surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Enjoy Nature While Being Protected From the Elements

The Tentickle tents deliver a myriad of benefits, and it’s these very advantages that make them so loved by those seeking to elevate their offerings. Among them include:

  • Exceptional value
  • Stretch tent roof with ingenious double roofing for enhanced comfort in hot and hostile environments.
  • Premium material featuring the durable 770gr Tentickle Tentflex for strength and longevity/high tear strength.
  • Waterproof, UV repellent, and anti-microbial properties for versatile weather resistance.
  • Teflon-coated polyester stretch material for durability and resistance to environmental factors.
  • Custom options allow you to set up different configurations to suit your preferences.

Ready to redefine luxury camping at your site? Contact us today to elevate your eco-lodge or luxury camp glamping experience with carefully designed Tentickle tents and join the league of extraordinary destinations. Or get in touch directly with TENTICKLE TANZANIA

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