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The Glamper Range

Tentickle’s Glamper Range showcases an ingenious and economic design combining an individual canvas cabin with a stretch tent roof, providing double roofing for a comfortable living climate even in hot and hostile environments. The optional outer shade net provides even more protection, durability and lifetime.

If triple roofing isn’t necessary in your area, but you experience seasonally some hot days, the optional retractable awnings are a valuable add-on for your Glamper. The awnings can easily be clipped to the tent poles when needed to create an extra layer of protection over your Glamper’s veranda.

The fully enclosed, bug-proof living space ranges from 16 to 40 square metres with a total indoor/outdoor living area ranging from 75 to 110 square metres. The Glamper Range is the quickest in production and the easiest to install and therefore suited for investors looking for a quick ROI.

Committed to quality

All units are 100% bug free, waterproof, UV-resistant, flame-retardant and treated with a long-life anti-fungal treatment.

The individual canvas cabin comes with a solid Accoya timber, laminated pine, or steel frame, giving a base for the installation of mosquito nets, fans, lights and electrical outlets. The canvas is fitted snugly to the frame to keep any fabric from ‘flapping’ in strong winds. The windows and doors come in a combination of durable rubber coated nylon mesh, rip-stop canvas and optional non- milking clear PVC.

The Glamper Range comprises of 6 standard units with a fixed layout, considering your choice of the entrance door position. The catalog price includes the tent structure from the floor upwards with replaceable zip doors, the initial project plans, technical drawings of the tent, technical drawings to assist the construction of the foundation and real-life visualisations. Customisations to your specific requirements are offered by our Custom Tent Design division and charged as an additional service upon request. 










Bora XL


You work with a trusted engineer and would like to build the cabin locally? Our consultation team is ready to assist with technical drawings for the cabin and advise on the construction of the foundation.

It is important to understand that there are certain physical laws a stretch tent installation must follow, which limits the size of the individual cabin. Certain distances between poles and the edges of the tent may not be exceeded, if the structure is to be stable, have good water run-off, last long and look great. As much as these are two independent structures, they belong together regarding spacing and layout. Together with your contractor, we will find the ideal hybrid solution for your property.


DIY application of the standard range with installation manual is possible for experienced tent builders. It takes an experienced rigging crew of 4 – 6 pax between 1 and 2 days to assemble one unit. Alternatively, Tentickle can provide a technical supervisor who guides the installation with your local crew. This is recommended for a smooth and seamless installation. If you opt for the insulated hard-shell panels, a team of two professional technicians is required for the setup. Once we understand the scope of your project, we will provide a comprehensive proposal including project timeline, transport options and installation.

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