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2nd Generation Luxury Glamper Tents Launched

Our brand-new Glamper Tents are ideal for 2 – 4 star resorts and lodges, catering to eco-conscious tourists looking for unique nature-filled experiences, without compromising on the comforts expected in a brick and mortar lodge.

Benefits for camp owner / tent buyer:

  • Exceptional return on investment due to significantly lower cost per unit
  • Production time is much faster than for our Explorer range
  • Additional outer shade roofing extends the life time of the tent for a further 3 to 4 years
  • Wooden framework is both appealing and functional – allows for easy attachment of ceiling fans, mosquito nets and lights
  • DIY installation is possible. Alternatively, a Tentickle technical supervisor can be included in the solution to instruct your local crew how to setup the Glampers. This costs significantly less than the full installation team required for setup of the Explorer range.

Benefits for guests:

  • Strikingly beautiful appearance from outside, as well as inside
  • Exceptional quality canvas walls and ceiling will keep guests dry and comfortable even in stormy weather
  • Our unique double roof cabins are considerably cooler than normal canvas tents. An additional shade roofing can be added to give the patio a double roofing too and give the cabin 3x roofing for very hot countries.
  • Size allows for a full size bed
  • Ensuite bathrooms
  • 100% insect, snake and scorpion free

A Complete Glamper Tent Range for Your Resort:

Glamper LUX

Room Size: 21m2 | Bathroom Size: 7.5m2

Glamper Bachelor

Room Size: 14m2 | Bathroom Size: 7m2

Glamper Standard

Room Size: 16m2 | Bathroom Outside

Glamper XL Inside Bathroom

Room Size: 14m2 | Bathroom Size: 6m2

Glamper XL Outside Bathroom

Room Size: 20m2 | Bathroom Outside

Glamper XL Cabin

Room Size: 20m2 | Bathroom Size: 8.5m2

Glamper LUX XL

Room Size: 27m2 | Bathroom Size: 13m2

Contact us to request floor plans and our brochure or to discuss your resort plans.

Optional Features:

Custom Doors & Window Frames

Additional Outer Shade Roofing

Interior Divider Walls

Furniture & Bathroom Fittings

Frame Options: Accoya or Laminated Treated Pine

Benefits of Accoya Timber Frames

  • Expected lifetime is 50 years above the ground and 25 years in the ground.
  • This wood does not warp, split or swell
  • Not affected by fungi, water uptake or rot
  • It is saltwater and termite resistant
  • Suitable for construction in all climates
  • Requires very low maintenance relative to other woods
  • It comes from a sustainable forest with responsible harvesting certifications

Features of Laminated Treated Pine

  • Lower initial purchase price
  • Only A Grade laminated treated pine used
  • Suitable for moderate inland climates only
  • Maintenance schedule depends on climate

Please note, the Glamper Series is not customisable (i.e. dimensions cannot be changed).

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