The Ultimate Glamping Tents Solution

Our range of luxury glamping tents will make a lasting impression on your guests thanks to their exceptional design that combines luxury, practicality and strikingly good looks. But they are more than just glam tents. The unique characteristics of our glamping tents provide the quintessential camping tent solution to camp operators, allowing you to set up camp in remote areas without damaging their fragile ecosystems. Now, thanks to the ease of transport and non-invasive structure erection, camps in these areas will be feasible. All this while guaranteeing your guests great comfort and luxurious spaciousness inside these nature-inspired tenting structures.

Unique Glamping Tents that offer Luxury in Nature

Provide your guests with an up-close experience of nature, with all the comforts of home, with our range of tents for glamping.

With a silhouette that has been inspired by nature, and available in a range of colours that blend in with the surroundings, our glamping tents are perfect for tented safari accommodation.

With every detail considered, the interior of our glam tents have been designed to blend in and camouflage. Even on the inside, the design team insisted on maintaining the colour scheme and therefore you’ll find the aluminium support poles match the colour of the canvas – chino, brown or grey.

Mindfully designed to fit in with it’s surroundings, therefore, when you buy glamping tents from us your camp will provide your guests with a truly authentic experience like no other.

  • Total privacy is achieved thanks to the clever configuration of the doors and the windows in each tent – these have been designed to maximise the views, yet provide complete privacy when required.
  • Our glam tents are 100% waterproof thanks to our specially patented stretch tent fabric, which is used for the roof, and the top quality canvas used for the walls, which are carefully put together to create a bath tub configuration which keeps the groundwater out too. The bedroom and bathroom areas also have separate floors to prevent any water spillage from the shower into the living area.
  • The rubberised window and door gauze makes the tents 100% bug free, if used correctly.
  • Top and bottom air vents, which can close if need be, increase the airflow in our glamping tents, making them cool in hot weather and preventing condensation in colder weather.
  • The optional double roof further adds to the cooling effect by creating a shadow over the tented roof, preventing the sun from heating up the tent.
  • The waterproof verandas offer your guests respite from rain or sun, while still allowing them to recline outside their tent and enjoy the views.

Practical, Efficient and Easy to Set Up

Our range of glamping tents have been designed with streamlined operational efficiency at the forefront. Issues such as transportation, set up, break down and onsite maintenance have all been factored into our glam tent range so that you can set up in remote areas with ease. Our glam camping tents are therefore easy to setup and maintain, allowing you to run a tented camp that helps you to focus on your guests’ comfort and satisfaction.

  • Our glamping tents are lightweight and compact (folding down to a maximum length of 2.5m). This makes them easy to move on the back of any standard utility vehicle. There is no need for heavy vehicles that damage the landscape.
  • The Eco Glamper can be erected in 3.5 to 4 hours with a four man rigging team, the Luxury Glamper in a matter of 4.5 – 5 hours and the Pano and Eco Glamper Suites can be set up in 5 – 6 hours with a five man team, thanks to the plug-in pole system, which effectively weathers multiple installations as no drilling is required.
  • All our glamping tents have been designed in a modular fashion which means that the majority of repairs can be carried out on site without causing any major upheaval for your guests.
  • All the material used, from the roof fabric to the wall canvas and the aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel poles, are easy to clean.

Quality that Translates into Longevity

Years of experience, scientific development and the influence of German manufacturing techniques have led us to develop top quality tent fabrics that are heavy duty, tough and long lasting while maintaining their aesthetic appeal:

  • The fabric used for the roof is specially patented UV resistant stretch tent fabric.
  • You can extend the life of your glamping tent by adding the optional double roofing system.
  • The superior quality canvas used for the walls is 100% waterproof, comes with a three year guarantee on the waterproofing, and it’s treated with an anti-fungal coating.
  • The mosquito netting has been rubberised, making it exceptionally durable and tear-resistant.
  • The poles are made of top quality lightweight aluminium or stainless steel for coastal regions or mild steel and are engineered for strength and stability.
  • The zippers and velcro is of the best quality.
  • High quality interior options are available, creating continuity in look and feel from the outside to the inside.

Glamping Tents that Grow Your Business

Our range of glamping tents for sale make absolute business sense. You can increase your existing offering to your guests or create a new business offering without a significant time delay or bank-breaking capital investment. In addition, setting up in unique locations is relatively quick and easy AND offers significantly faster return on investment.

Building materials, whether bricks and mortar or wood, are expensive, not to mention delays caused by plan approvals, weather, suppliers and labour issues. In contrast, our glamping tents offer excellent return on investment in the right location.

  • Time is of the essence – in a matter of weeks you will be able to set up your camp and start earning your investment back.
  • Cost conscious – the costs of our glam tents pale in comparison to building costs, both in terms of financial outlay and the cost of time.
  • Cut costs off season – our glamping tents are easy to take down and thanks to their compact design when packed up are easy to store. This means that you can quite literally shut up shop in the off season, cutting your staff and running costs down to zero.
  • Open up new avenues of revenue – thanks to the very mobile nature of our luxury glamping tents, you can now go where no man has gone before and set up in previously inaccessible eco-sensitive areas, or you can extend your existing camp, creating more space for guests which creates more revenue for you.

Standard Features across the Range


  • Patented UV-resistant stretch tent roof which is organic and breathable
  • Roof can withstand winds of up to 60 knots
  • Resilient canvas walls
  • PVC flooring
  • Double roofing with 90% density shade cloth (optional)
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Fire-retardant (International Standards Compliant)


  • Wall and roof colours available are chino, brown, grey and green
  • Fittings and poles are powder coated in matching colours

Window Configuration Options:

  • Large windows provide excellent viewing : Bespoke place and size options
  • Rubberised strengthened mosquito mesh windows with roll-up canvas.
  • Fixed PVC windows are an option for cooler climates.


  • Full standard sized doors.
  • Ground water and bugs kept out by the ‘Bathtub’ configured flooring.
  • En-suite bathroom with flushable toilet, basin and shower.
  • Bedroom/living area and bathroom have separate flooring.
  • Air vents at floor level in the bathroom prevents mold build up. Closeable in cooler temperatures.
  • Waterproof and shaded front verandas come standard.

Transform Your Campsite with our Glamping Tent Range

Tentickle’s ingenuous range of glamping tents is the culmination of outstanding engineering, superior quality materials, technology and eye-catching looks. Choose between our Eco Glampers, Luxury Glampers and 360° Pano Glampers for a full glamping tented camp solution. If you are ready to create a campsite that will offer your guests a memorable experience in nature, get in touch with us today and we will help you do just that.

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