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House Tents That Fit Seamlessly Into Nature

Eco-conscious house tents are a simple and effective way to create inspiring spaces for indoor and outdoor living at safari camps, eco farms, and sustainable accommodation venues of all shapes and sizes. 

At Tentickle we create luxury tent homes suitable for semi-permanent construction to frame the most beautiful spaces in the world. 

By designing a house-style tent range that leverages the most current manufacturing technology in combination with a solid understanding of the needs of the accommodation industry – we strive to help you offer guests and visitors a delightful experience from the first moment they arrive.


The Luxury Of Big Tent House Spaces

Tents that look like houses, but still offer that open feeling of being out in nature, pave the way for so many amazing travel experiences. There is just something about the notion of not quite being indoors that unleashes a feeling of childlike wonder in even the most intrepid traveller. 

This is why our team has created Glamper Tents, Explorer Tents and Lodge Tents using exceptional materials, including our own patented fire-retardant Tentickle Tentflex stretch fabric, that allows innovative venues to create unexpectedly delightful spaces. 

A camp tent house set-up might seem tricky to install and maintain at the outset, but when you invest in permanent tent house structures that have been made to last – the opportunities to drive business growth become exponential.

Choosing the ideal outdoor tent house for your location is much easier when you have various options. Take a look at our tent houses for sale to find a picture-perfect selection of tented units that will take your venue to a brand-new level.
The Lodge Tent Range

Big Tent House Benefits

One of the major benefits of luxury tent houses is that you can create accommodation spaces in locations not suitable for permanent structures. 

This is why so many forward-thinking venues in beautiful locations opt for sturdy, well-constructed tents that can be affixed to carefully engineered platforms and don’t impede the ebb and flow of nature around them. 

Our Tentickle designers understand this directive all too well and have gone out of their way to tailor tent house solutions that look beautiful and feel luxurious but still tread lightly on the earth.

You can set up a Tentickle outdoor tent house by yourself if you have an experienced team of tent riggers. However, if you would prefer to streamline the set-up of your Tentickle luxury house tent – we can provide a Tentickle-trained technical supervisor to assist in the process at your location.
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