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Performance, durability & a low carbon footprint

The Luxury Lodge Tent Range


With rising prices for raw materials due to a compromised planet, we seek to create a
product with a low carbon footprint, high performance, and great durability.

The Tentickle Lodge Tent Range is built to last. With its solid roofing system and standard framework built with galvanised and powder-coated steel, the lodge tents have the highest lifetime expectation compared to all other tent ranges.

The roofing panels are built with solid coated steel, insulated with rock wool. All Lodge Tent types are modular and extendable in length without additional customisation charges. The canvas walling system is easy to handle and panels can be replaced without the need for a Tentickle installation crew.


Make your own! Our lodge tents are designed to be easily customised to your requirements. We have created modules for you to adjust the existing lodge tent models below. Get in touch with our sales team to inquire for a quote.

Committed to quality

High End Finish

The insulated roof panels are made from rock wool insulating sheets with great fire-retardant properties. These hardshell panels are then sandwiched between galvanized and powder-coated mild steel; and then hand wrapped with canvas.

Advantages of the insulated panels are improvement of wind stability, sound proofing and most importantly heat & cold insulation. Each Lodge Tent is optionaly available with insulated wall panels. These tents are suited for very hot or very cold climates and can be heated or air-conditioned.

Colours can be chosen based on your interior palette. The wall and roofing panels are produced seamlessly and divided in maximum size modules for easy transport and installation. Electrical conduits and plumbing can be built into the panels according to your requirements.


Double Room


40 sqm lodge cabin  •  15 sqm covered patio

Double Room


36 sqm lodge cabin  •  15 sqm covered patio

Lodge Suite


40 sqm lodge cabin  •  15 sqm covered patio

Lodge Suite


50 sqm lodge cabin  •  20 sqm covered patio

Lodge Mess or Suite


62 sqm lodge cabin  •  15 sqm covered patio

Lodge Mess or Suite


62 sqm lodge cabin  •  30 sqm covered patio


Tentickle’s Lodge tents are elaborate, semi-permanent housing units and require expert installation by our experienced rigging crew or a minimum of two professional technicians together with your local rigging crew. Once we understand the scope of your project, we will provide a comprehensive proposal including project timeline, transport options and installation.

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