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Performance, durability & a low carbon footprint

The Lunar Range


Tentickle’s Lunar Range showcases striking half-moon tent designs, blending in beautifully with nature. The barrel-vaulted roof provides perfect air flow for easy ventilation and climatization inside the cabin. Its aerodynamic design withstands strong winds in open plain or mountain locations; and with the view focussing out the front, all units offer lots of privacy.

Our Luxury Lodge Tents withstand extreme hot & cold weather conditions while providing a deluxe accommodation experience to your clients.

With rising prices for raw materials like steel and timber due to a compromised planet, we seek to create a product with a low carbon footprint, high performance and great durability. Tentickle has therefore joint forces with the market leader in polyester composite product development and resin based composite material.

Tentickle is currently the only company worldwide manufacturing perfectly round barrel-vaulted polyester composite structures.

Committed to quality

Ideal for Your Terrain and Climate


The cabins can be made with various exterior skins:

1. The Basic Version: single Tentflex FR stretch tent roofing with interior textile finishes. The skin needs to be replaced every 10 years while the frame structure lasts up to 25 years.

2. The Standard Version: outer shade roofing plus inner liner polyester resign/glass fiber sheeting with interior canvas finishes. Minimum lifetime: 20 years.

3. The Extreme Version: outer shell made from polyester resign/glass fiber sheets – PIR foam – (curved sandwich panels) with interior canvas finishes. Minimum lifetime: 20 years. The full insulation is suitable for extremely cold temperatures from – 20 degree Celsius to sweltering 55 degrees Celsius. The polyester composite cabin is resistant to heat expansion, frost, saltwater, rust, fungus, extremely dry or humid air, termites, or other insects. The units are fireproof, require almost no maintenance, have a lifetime of minimum 25 years and are thereafter 90% recyclable.



Stella XL



DIY application of the standard lodge tent range with the installation manual is possible for experienced tent builders. It takes an experienced rigging crew of 4 – 6 pax between 1 and 2 days to assemble one luxury lodge unit. Alternatively, Tentickle can provide a technical supervisor to guide the installation with your local crew. This is recommended for a smooth and seamless installation.

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