Luxury Tented Accommodation for Wedding Venues and Wine Farms

Farms, and particularly wine estates, have become popular for more than their agricultural produce. Hosting weddings, concerts, celebrations and events away from the city has become a fruitful income stream for many a farm. Often these weddings or events bring along a host of family and friends from afar that require accommodation nearby. Now you can expand your offering from just hosting a beautiful wedding to providing beautiful, luxury tented accommodation on your farm without having the cost of permanent buildings. Tentickle’s Luxury Tent range provides the solution.

Beauty, Elegance and Luxury

The attraction of hosting a wedding on a wine farm is not just the desire to celebrate in the beautiful outdoors, but also the unique splendour associated with these venues. The graceful lines and subtle colours of our luxury tents are designed to blend into the surrounding scenery and serve as a compliment to an already breathtaking wedding venue.

Functional, Comfortable and Luxurious

Now you can invite wedding parties and guests to stay in accommodation, on your own farm, that will provide comfort and luxury on a par with any guesthouse or hotel in the nearby area. Our tents are designed and engineered to provide guests with a comfortable stay that will be remembered long after the celebrations have ended.

  • Comfortably Cool: Our tents have high ceilings to allow better airflow, as well as the option of an extra roofing layer, which results in cooler, more comfortable tents. A fully shaded, waterproof veranda allows guests to sit outside, even when there is an occasional summer shower.
  • Insect Free Zone: The windows and doors are made from extra-strong mesh that keeps little critters out, so there will be no disturbances from uninvited guests.
  • Sweeping Vistas: The large windows will make your guests feel like they are part of nature, enjoying the beautiful views of nature around them, even when they are indoors.
  • Full Bathroom Facilities: There is a notion that tented accommodation can only be serviced by a communal ablution block. Not so with our range of incredible luxury tents. Each one comes standard with a full en-suite bathroom, that includes a flushing toilet, basin and shower. No need to take a back seat to any B&B in the area.

Operational Efficiency Makes Seasonal Accommodation Viable

With no plans to draw up, building materials to purchase or builders to manage you can be sure that our luxury tents will allow you to have your accommodation set up quickly so that you can start offering guests somewhere to stay as part of your value added service within weeks of contacting us. Our tents offer a true, full tent solution for luxury tented accommodation.

  • Compact to Transport: Designed to fit on the back of a utility vehicle, you can set up a luxury tented accommodation site anywhere on your property without having to worry about heavy vehicles getting stuck, or not getting there at all.
  • Fast Setup Time: The Eco Glamper takes four trained men 3.5 to 4 hours to install, Luxury Glamper 4.5 – 5 hours and the Eco Glamper Suite and Pano Glampers approximately 5 – 6 hours with a five-man rigging team. No drilling is required either, thanks to the unique plug-in pole system that also protects the poles from damage caused by repeated installations.
  • On-site Repairs: We understand that often the nearest town is several kilometres away, and it is very inconvenient to have to dismantle a structure and send it off to be fixed. This is why we have designed our tents to be modular so that they can be repaired conveniently onsite, without causing any disturbance to your guests.

Top Quality that ensures Longevity and Durability

We understand that the success of your business depends on the quality you offer your clients and the same applies to the product that we supply to our customers. Tentickle’s high manufacturing standards and patented designs and materials ensure that your investment will not cause constant issues due to inferior workmanship or materials.

  • Only the best, hard-wearing zippers and velcro are used to withstand repeated use without breakage.
  • Our high grade aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel poles ensure a structure that is strong and stable.
  • The optional double roofing system provides for cooler interiors but also increases the longevity of the tent fabric by protecting it against the sun.
  • We can guarantee the quality of our tents as we only use the best quality fabrics, including our own UV resistant stretch tent fabric for the roofing, and strong waterproof coated canvas for the walls, while the netting used for the windows and doorways is reinforced for extra durability.

A Short ROI period that Makes Business Sense

Because we offer a full tent solution with minimal disruption and time required for installation, your new luxury tented accommodation can be opened to guests within weeks of placing your order.

  • No long waiting period – From confirmation of your order, you will wait a matter of weeks before you can start earning a return on your investment. There are none of the typical time-consuming issues (e.g. plan approvals) or long lead times associated with the construction of permanent structures.
  • Relatively Low Setup Costs – Compared to the high cost of building construction, our tents are significantly more cost-effective with no additional surprise expenses so often associated with the building process.
  • Cut off-season costs – Our tents are designed as semi-permanent structures, therefore, during the off-season period the tents can be taken down and you won’t have the cost of staff, running costs or yearly building maintenance to be carried out. Compact to store, they can easily be put away until the following year.
  • New business opportunities – Setting up our luxury tented accommodation at your venue means that not only can you earn from the accommodation itself, but you can also explore new ways to attract guests, apart from the obvious wedding trade, such as summer concerts, outdoor banquettes and corporate team building or simply a weekend getaway for city folk. Also, consider that our sensational 360* Pano Glamper can serve as a chapel, a dining or dance area, or even an out-of-this-world honeymoon suite!

Standard Features across the Range


  • Roof constructed of Tentickle’s patented UV-resistant, organic breathable stretch tent fabric
  • Roof is wind resistant against up to 60 knot winds
  • Canvas walls are durable and long-lasting
  • PVC flooring
  • Double roofing from 90% density shade cloth is an additional option
  • 100% waterproof
  • Fire-retardant fabric (Compliant to International Standards)


  • Roof and walls available in chino, brown, grey and green
  • Powder coated poles and fittings are colour matched rest of the tent

Window Configuration Options:

  • Windows are large to ensure excellent viewing and size and placing of windows are a bespoke option
  • Mosquito mesh windows, rubberised strengthened, closes with roll-up canvas
  • Mesh windows, rubberised for durability, keeps mosquitoes out. Closes with roll-up canvas
  • For camps in cooler climates choose PVC windows


  • Full-sized doors for easy access
  • Bugs and groundwater are kept out with ‘bathtub’ configured flooring design
  • En-suite bathroom facilities with shower, basin and flushable toilet
  • Separated flooring between bedroom/living area and bathroom prevents water leakage
  • Air vents at floor level prevents mold in bathroom
  • closeable if temperature drops
  • Front verandas are shaded and waterproof

Luxury Tented Accommodation for Wine Estates or Wedding Venues

Tentickle’s unique range of luxury accommodation tents can certainly be a game-changer for your wedding or events business, opening an entirely new income stream. A faultless culmination of superior engineering and well-thought out design translates into luxury tented accommodation that is both visually pleasing and comfortably practical at the same time. Visit the Eco Glampers, Luxury Glamper, or 360° Pano Glamper pages for more details, or contact us via the form on this page.

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