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At Tentickle we don’t just manufacture and sell luxury tents. We also go further by offering a range of additional services that not only add value, but take the hassle out of your hands as well. We are there to assist all the way, from concept to completion, and we pride ourselves on the ongoing support we provide, both onsite and offsite, to our clients.

Full Camping Tent Solution

Our worldwide network of highly skilled and experienced team members allow us to deliver and provide advice and support to clients around the globe.. Our extraordinary tent designs yield camp structures that are engineered for optimal functionality, complete with en-suite or loose-standing bathroom facilities, if so required. Our aim is to provide you with luxury tents that work for you and your environment. Our experienced team has the expertise to assist with every aspect of the planning process – from designing tents in line with your unique camp architecture, creating and constructing the platforms and decking to go with it, to streamlining the delivery and installation of your tents in a timeous manner.

Integrating Tent & Camp Design

We understand that many factors come into play when planning your luxury campsite. From the space you have available, to the geographical layout, the framing of optimal views, as well as eco-environmental factors and the specific level of luxury and comfort you plan to provide your guests, every variable is of equal importance. Our team works closely with yours to ensure that your tents are manufactured to fit optimally into your camp design. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of our designs allow us to offer advice and tips so your final offering will give your guests an unsurpassed nature experience. Working in tandem, we can ensure that your facility becomes a getaway destination renowned for exceptional facilities and innovative design that works with nature, instead of fighting against it.

Camp Installation

Our installation teams are in a league of their own with years of rigging experience behind them. With first hand experience operating in their own specific geographical areas, they have local insight that allows them to work efficiently and to problem solve issues such as local transportation concerns, weather and any legislative restrictions. We can either offer our own team of riggers for the set up and taking down of your camp or we can train your own rigging team.

Auxiliary Tent Units

When it comes to more intricate tented setups, there is often a need for auxiliary spaces like camp kitchens and staff quarters in general. Tentickle offers a variety of spatial solutions that include outside ablution blocks for staff, camp reception tents, camp offices, restaurant- and entertainment area tents, and more. With our help, the logistical considerations of a fully-fledged tented location will be taken care of so your project or event can proceed smoothly.

Interior Design & Singularly Unique Furniture

Tentickle now designs, manufactures and supplies unique furniture items that have been inspired by nature and tailored for luxury tented environments. These bespoke pieces are created with particular camps in mind and incorporate lines and raw materials that complement different settings, from rugged bush landscapes, to tranquil coastal locales. We consider functionality carefully, and go out of our way to create furniture solutions that work with the shapes of the tents and provide guests with optimal comfort and plenty of room to manoeuvre. Find out more about our range or request a brochure.

Assistance on Eco-energy Solutions

Thanks to our decades of experience in the luxury tent industry, we have a solid understanding of eco-energy systems requirements in the tented environment. We have worked with countless luxury camping providers who added value to their accommodation offering by installing water-winning plants, using black water for irrigation, recycling water to shower- and drinking quality and more. Other projects involved solar-, wind-, and water-based electricity solutions. Together we were able to find the systems and installation providers possible. We can do the same for you.

Continued On-site Support

At Tentickle we don’t just sell tents, we grow customer relationships. From designing and manufacturing tents and assisting with the setting up and breaking down of your luxury tented accommodation campsite, we continue to remain on hand to offer ongoing support should there be any issues on site. Whether it be maintenance, small onsite repairs or advice, our experienced team members across the globe are always standing ready to help.

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