The Leading Edge Tent Range for Luxury Camp Operators

Experienced camp operators know that first impressions count, and appreciate that guests evaluate the uniqueness of their camp setting, including the appeal of the accommodation, within seconds of arriving. This is exactly why we designed our Luxury Tent range – a tented camp solution that not only opens up opportunities to set up luxury camps in previously inaccessible or ecologically sensitive locations, but also enhances campsites with their breath-taking, unique flowing profile and strikingly luxurious, spacious accommodation.

Offer Guests a Unique, Luxurious Nature Experience

We understand that your guests want to be at one with nature and with our luxury tent range they can do just that.

While outside, your guests will appreciate the fluid lines of the roofs and our nature friendly colour range. These features replicate the natural world and provide an element of camouflage, making the tents ideal for safari camps and seasonal hunting trips.

Moving inside, it’s all about continuity. The mild steel, aluminium or stainless steel support poles are powder coated in chino, brown, green or grey to match the colour of the tent fabric. There are no harsh lines or stark contrasts anywhere, and this principle has been carried throughout our entire range of luxury tents.

The end result is beautiful, organic structures that not only enhances your guests’ experience of the wild, but brings them closer to it by embracing it.

Redefining Five Star Luxury Tented Accommodation

Tentickle’s range of luxury tents are quickly redefining what camp operators can expect from luxury tent manufacturers. The cookie cutter, take-it-or-leave-it attitude typically shown by bulk luxury tent manufacturers, and the resulting dark claustrophobic tents with dust gathering drapes, belong to the past.

In stark contrast, our tents deliver 5 star luxury, which not only looks good but ensures superior comfort for your guests with the following key features:

  • The size and height (Up to 3.8m) of the structure means that it is spacious, allowing you to create an oasis of coolness and comfort for your guests.
  • Full size doors ensure easy access, thereby significantly widening the age range your accommodation will appeal to and there’s no reason to exclude people with disabilities either.
  • Striking large, wide windows that convey an openness and that ensure your guests can still enjoy the great outdoors while relaxing inside.
  • Even our baseline model has ample space for real beds and furniture, such as additional seating or eating nook, ensuring you can offer the type of comfort and convenience sophisticated travellers now expect.
  • The convenience of a complete en-suite bathroom, with flush toilet, shower and basin.
  • It provides total privacy as the window and doorway configuration has been designed to maximise the glorious views, without sacrificing your guests’ privacy.
  • 100% waterproof thanks to the tried and tested breathable stretch tent fabric roof, high quality canvas walls and “bath-tub” type configuration PVC flooring. Also note, the bedroom and bathroom have separate flooring systems to ensure that any possible water spillage from the shower area does not reach the bedroom area.
  • 100% bug free (providing the door and window gauze is used appropriately).
  • Strategically positioned air vents (top and bottom) encourage efficient airflow, allowing hot air to exit in warmer climates and preventing condensation in colder climates. The vents can also be shut on colder nights to keep the tents cosy.
  • Optional double roofing system creates a shadow over the roof which prevents the sun from heating the air inside the tent and from directly heating the tent fabric, thereby minimizing heat radiating into the tent.
  • The fully shaded, waterproof verandas allows guests to sit back and take in the wonders of their surroundings in the peace and privacy of their own space.

Designed for Hassle-free, Operational Efficiency

Because we understand the unique challenges of transporting tents, setting-up and breaking up camp, our range of luxury tents have been designed for efficient setup and ease of transportation. This allows you to access remote areas and setup a campsite for your guests deep in nature, but without disturbing nature.

  • Due to the lightweight nature of the product and the fact that no part is longer than 2.5m our tents can easily be transported with utility vehicles – No heavy duty transport vehicles required.
  • With a four man rigging team the Eco Glamper can be set up in a matter 3.5 to 4 hours, the Luxury Glamper between 4.5 – 5 hours and both the Eco Glamper Suite and the Pano Glamper can be set up in 5 – 6 hours with a six man rigging team.The unique plug-in pole system ensures that repeat installations do not damage the integrity of the poles. No drilling required.
  • The modular design means that most repairs can be carried out onsite without taking the entire structure down, therefore causing minimal disruption to guests.
  • Stretch tent roof and canvas walls are easy to clean.

The efficient design and ease of ownership of our range of Luxury Tents translates into an operationally efficient campsite that is easily managed and maintained, ensuring your guests have a memorable experience in maximum comfort.

Quality that Lasts

Backed by German inspired manufacturing standards, our tent fabrics have been scientifically development and proven to be hard-wearing, durable and long lasting. They are not only good-looking and functional, but also built to withstand the elements.

  • The roof is constructed with UV-Resistant stretch tent fabric.
  • The optional double roofing adds to the longevity of the tent fabric.
  • The high grade canvas is treated with an anti-fungal and waterproof coating, which comes with a 3-year warranty on the waterproofing.
  • Mosquito netting is rubber coated to ensure strength and durability.
  • Poles are high grade lightweight aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel for areas close to the ocean.
  • Superior quality velcro and zippers.
  • The structure is engineered for exceptional stability.
  • A range of high quality interior options are available. These bespoke additions have been specifically designed for our tent range and ensure seamless, cost-efficient operation.

We are proud to offer you a product that not only delivers exceptional longevity and hassle-free maintenance, but also contributes to the overall feeling of luxury your guests will experience.

Tents That Make Business Sense

If you’re looking for a luxury accommodation solution that will grow your business, deliver a solid return on your investment quickly, and is relatively hassle free, then our range of Luxury Tents are for you.

There are really only three options when it comes to providing guest accommodation in nature; bricks and mortar, log cabins (or similar) and luxury tented accommodation. Experience has proven that the first two present a myriad of challenges that range from financial to time constraints. In contrast, here are the reasons why our luxury tent solutions make remarkable business sense:

  • Short lead time – Within weeks of paying your deposit your luxury stretch tents can be set up and fully operational. There are no major delays due to architects, plan approvals, or supplier issues.
  • Low Acquisition Cost – Relative to the cost of building, the cost of our tents is much lower which results in a significantly faster Return on Investment.
  • No ongoing off-season campsite maintenance – Structures can be easily broken down and stored during off-season periods therefore there are no camp maintenance, staff or running costs.
  • Explore new revenue streams – Due to the easy transport and non-invasive setup of these tents, previously eco-sensitive or inaccessible areas are now potential sites for luxury tented accommodation, presenting you with additional business growth opportunities.

Standard Features across the Range


  • Tentickle’s patented, breathable, organic, UV-resistant stretch tent roof
  • Roof can withstand up to 60 knot winds
  • Durable canvas walls
  • PVC flooring standard
  • Double roofing created with 90% density shade cloth (optional)
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Fire-retardant (International Standards Compliant)


  • Chino, brown, green and grey roof and walls.
  • Matching powder coated poles and fittings.

Window Configuration Options:

  • Large viewing windows : bespoke size and placement options.
  • Fixed rubberised mosquito mesh windows, strengthened for durability. Close with roll-up canvas.
  • Fixed clear PVC windows are optional for cooler climates with roll-up canvas.


  • Full standard sized doors.
  • ‘Bathtub’ floor configuration keeps out ground water and bugs.
  • En-suite bathroom with shower, basin and flushable toilet.
  • Separate flooring between bathroom and bedroom/living area.
  • Floor level air vents in bathroom to prevent mold build up. Can be closed for temperature control.
  • Shaded and waterproof front veranda standard on all models.

Our Luxury Tent Range Has Got You Covered

Tentickle’s innovative range of luxury tents is a groundbreaking fusion of style, engineering, technology and high quality materials, that translates into a visually impactful luxury tented camp solution. For more detail on each of our luxury tents, visit the Eco Glamper, Luxury Glamper, or 360° Pano Glamper page. Alternatively, get in touch using the form below to discuss how we can help transform your campsite into a nature experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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