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Our Tents Work Well As Permanent Tents

At Tentickle, we believe in the power of choice. Every inspiring accommodation venue and exceptional tourism destination has its own personality, unique selling points, and operations requirements. This is why we offer a range of permanent tents, including: 

The Glamper Tent Range encompasses a singular canvas cabin shaded by a stretch tent roof to facilitate an even and relaxing interior temperature. 

Our Explorer Tent Range takes luxury permanent tents to a brand new level for destinations that require more elaborate structures for different uses. 

Custom large permanent safari tents for turnkey lodge and camp solutions can be designed to spec by our expert team.


Durable, High-Performance Canvas Tents

With this exceptional variety of permanent glamping tents at your disposal, it should be a cinch to find a unit (or units) to suit your exclusive safari camp, luxury resort, eco-farm or sustainable investment property. 

By combining cutting-edge technology, impeccable quality and future-forward style, we pride ourselves on offering the very best permanent glamping tents for sale in the luxury space. This includes the use of our patented Tentickle Tentflex stretch fabric developed for use in even the most challenging climate zones and environments around the globe. 

Our luxury tents will undoubtedly add authenticity to any outdoor experience you offer your guests. Browse our selections to see which style and application meet your unique requirements.


Our four ranges of canvas tents have been developed for permanent installation and use as luxurious safari tents and innovative glamping units.

The Glamper Range showcases an ingenious and economic design combining an individual canvas cabin with a stretch tent roof. This provides double roofing for a comfortable living climate within these luxury glamping tents.

Tentickle’s Explorer Range is taking luxury camping even further, tending specifically to the demands of high end luxury tourism. This range showcases Tentickle’s most elaborate luxury accommodation tents, large mess tents and exclusive tented luxury suites.

Tentickle’s Lodge Tents have been specifically designed to tend to investors with space limitations. With rising prices for raw materials like steel and timber due to a compromised planet, we seek to create a product with a low carbon footprint and great durability.

What Exactly Is A Permanent Tent?

In Tentickle terms, a permanent tent refers to a tented structure that can be used for semi-permanent installation, i.e. you don’t have to rig and strike it after each guest’s stay. Since most ecologically sensitive destinations do not allow permanent structures such as houses or huts, our tents provide a very effective alternative. 

Depending on the tent you choose, you will only have to prepare a platform or base for it to rest on, which will set the scene for long-term tent use without requiring much time and manpower in between. It’s the best of both worlds!


If you have a team of experienced tent builders at your disposal, you could set up the permanent canvas tent at your lodge or accommodation venue. 

We offer the option of supplying you with a Tentickle-trained technical supervisor to oversee the project on your behalf. This is a good choice if you want to ensure your luxury permanent tents will look their best, and enjoy a maximum lifespan.

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