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In today’s spotlight, we introduce the Tentickle Luxury Tents Explorer Range, an exceptional choice for resort and retreat owners who aim to offer a blend of adventure and comfort to their guests. These Explorer tents redefine the concept of outdoor accommodations, transforming them into luxurious havens that extend the comforts of home into the heart of nature. Ideal for enhancing the guest experience in your retreat or resort, these tents are more than just shelters; they are sophisticated, comfortable spaces designed to immerse guests in the beauty of the outdoors without sacrificing luxury. 

Let’s dive deeper into each accommodation tent in the range, revealing how they can elevate the standard of your resort’s offerings. Additionally, we will give you a glimpse into our Mess tents – a topic we’ll explore further in our next article.

Let Us Reintroduce The Explorer Range

These stunning, high-quality tents offer the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics – designed for adventurous souls seeking an immersive, comfortable outdoor experience. The Explorer Range provides a ceiling space of 3.5 to 5 metres while the interior can be 32 to 165 square metres with a total living area between 94 and 165 square metres.

A testament to Tentickle’s innovation, the Explorer tents feature a dual roofing system, ingeniously crafted to repel heat with a secondary shade cloth, ensuring the interior remains a haven of cool tranquillity. Moreover, this layer extends the tent’s lifespan and complements its natural setting.

The Explorer Series boasts a Stretch Tent Roof composed of Teflon-coated polyester, exemplifying resilience and elegance. Available in a selection of earth-toned hues, these tents not only offer protection from the elements but do so with an understated chic that harmonises with their natural surroundings.

Eco Explorer: Compact Luxury Escape

The Eco Explorer offers a snug, luxurious retreat for couples or small families. Crafted with pioneering Tentflex fabric and a dual-roofing system, this model provides a stylish and comfortable outdoor experience.

Inside the Eco Explorer, you’ll find a harmonious blend of high-tensile PE and Tentflex fabric to ensure a cool and serene indoor climate. The innovative double roofing system, featuring a 90% shade cloth, creates a second climate chamber for unparalleled comfort.

Despite its compact footprint, the tent does not compromise on space, providing a sumptuous indoor living area with high ceilings and an airy atmosphere. Ideal for honeymooners or small families looking to immerse in nature without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Canopy size: 11.5 m x 7.5 m

Indoor floor space: 7.2 m x 7.5m

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Eco Explorer Plus: Enhanced Space, Enhanced Comfort

Building upon the Eco Explorer’s foundations, the Plus variant expands the offering with increased dimensions for those desiring extra room. The Explorer Plus model retains all the luxury features of its sibling, including the exceptional Tentflex fabric and double roofing, but with more space to luxuriate in.

Perfect for small groups or families who appreciate the extra room to stretch out and enjoy their glamping experience.

The additional square footage in the Eco Explorer Plus provides a more expansive living area, ensuring comfort and freedom of movement for all guests.

Canopy size: 12.5 m x 9 m

Indoor floor space: 6.3 m x 9 m

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Eco Explorer Suite: The Pinnacle of Spacious Glamping

The Suite takes the concept of the Eco Explorer to new heights, offering significant enhancements in size and panoramic views. The Eco Explorer Suite boasts three expansive roll-up canvas panoramic windows, enveloping guests in the beauty of their surroundings while maintaining the comfort found in the Eco Explorer series.

This tent is the ultimate choice for larger families or groups, offering the pinnacle of space without compromising the intimate connection with nature. The Suite variant is the largest in the series, providing an opulent indoor living space that can comfortably accommodate group activities and relaxation in style.

Canopy size: 16 m x 9 m

Indoor floor space: 11.6 m x 6.1 m

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The Armadillo: Compact Elegance

Aptly named for its resilient design, the Armadillo offers a suite of features encapsulated in a cosy yet opulent space. Inside, residents will find a harmonious balance between a bedroom, a small living area, and a bathroom, extending into a serene patio space. Suited for discerning soloists or duos craving a private escape from the world’s bustle, the bedroom is intimately designed for restful slumber with a snug area that invites relaxation. There is also a compact but complete bathroom for refreshing solitude.

A testament to Tentickle’s innovation, the Armadillo also features a dual roofing system, ingeniously crafted to repel heat with a secondary shade cloth, ensuring the interior remains a haven of cool tranquillity. Moreover, this layer extends the tent’s lifespan and complements its natural setting.

Canopy size: 10.5 m x 10 m

Indoor floor space: 7.6 m x 4.5 m

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The Luxury Explorer Series: Opulent Expanses

Delving into the Luxury Explorer and its grander sibling, the Luxury Explorer XL, we encounter two tents that mirror each other in splendour but differ in dimension. The Luxury Explorer caters to those who revel in generous living spaces, offering a commodious bedroom, a sizeable living area, a bathroom, and a welcoming patio.

The Luxury Explorer XL, on the other hand, has all the lavish features of its counterpart but further extends its embrace to house two bedrooms, allowing for a more extensive family or entourage to relish in luxurious comfort. It is tailored for affluent adventurers, families, or groups who desire expansive indoor living with the authenticity of outdoor proximity, enjoying a spacious living area that promises freedom of movement and the grace of grand living.

Canopy size: 14.5 m x 9.5 m / 16 m x 9.5 m (XL)

Indoor floor space: 11.5 m x 4.5 m / 13.4 m x 6.5 m (XL)

Luxury Explorer Factsheet

Luxury Explorer XL Factsheet

The Mountaineer: A Versatile Refuge

This model is a versatile virtuoso, offering a compact yet capable setting with the option to configure two rooms. Its medium-sized living area, bathroom, and varied window elevations create a balanced environment for rest and sociability. Designed for the adventurous family or a small group seeking the functionality of space and the intimacy of a shared dwelling the canopy and indoor living space have strategically been designed to maximise utility while maintaining a comfortable living area.

Canopy size: 11.5 m x 10.5 m

Indoor floor space: 7 m x 8 m

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The Octo Explorer Range: Circular Innovation

A tent with a circular blueprint, ideal for entertainment and hospitality purposes such as events or intimate gatherings. Its size is akin to the Mountaineer yet tailored to communal experiences. The Octo Explorer Patio expands on the Octo Explorer’s design, offering additional space suitable for a family. It includes a master bedroom, a children’s room with bunk beds, a bathroom, an eating area, and ample storage.

Crafted for communal joy and familial warmth, the room’s specifications cater to freedom and interaction. While the Octo Explorer is perfect for social butterflies hosting events, the Octo Explorer Patio model is a haven for families seeking a circular suite of comfort.

Canopy size: 11.5 m x 11.5 m / 14.6 m x 10.8 m (Patio)

Indoor floor space: 8.45 m x 8.45 m / 8.45 m x 8.45 m (Patio)

Octo Explorer Factsheet

Octo Explorer Plus Factsheet

What To Expect From The Mess Tent Models

In the next blog post, we will share more details of the Mess tents (Desert Fox tents), designed to complement these luxury accommodation tents. For some time now, glamping accommodation resorts and lodges worldwide have adopted these tents for a variety of uses. This includes chic eateries, serene yoga studios, and communal dining areas. As it stands, every Tentickle customer has chosen to incorporate one of these versatile structures as their go-to mess tent.

Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for our upcoming deep dive into the Mess tents, where we’ll showcase how they can further elevate your outdoor escapades by adding a touch of elegance and luxury. Whether you’re planning a family camping trip, kicking off a glamping venture, or setting the stage for a memorable event under the stars, the Explorer range stands as a versatile and robust choice, perfectly aligned with your unique requirements. These magnificent tents are more than just places of refuge; they’re the architects of unforgettable moments in the lap of nature, perfectly complementing the ethos we introduced with the Tentickle Luxury Tents Explorer Range. Here, luxury and adventure intertwine, ensuring that your retreat or resort guests enjoy the ultimate blend of comfort and natural immersion, making each stay memorable and enriching.

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