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Resort Tents That Delight And Inspire

Investing in a luxury resort tent, or a series of accommodation- and event solutions from a luxury resort tent manufacturer, is a savvy business choice for the owner or proprietor of just about any safari camp, eco-farm or sustainable accommodation venue. 

What exactly should you be looking for in resort tents? At Tentickle, we believe you should align yourself with a resort tents manufacturer that offers a variety of tent options to suit different requirements. After all, no holiday destination or getaway spot is ever quite the same. 

This is why we offer four distinct tent ranges, as well as the option of having custom tents designed to your specifications by our award-winning design team.


Luxurious, Eco-Conscious Resort Tents For Sale

Our celebrated tent ranges include our Glamper Tents, Explorer Tents, and Lodge Tents that comprise a full spectrum of tents for resorts. 

All four of these ranges are crafted from the highest quality materials, including our own proprietary Tentickle Tentflex stretch fabric developed according to the most stringent safety and quality guidelines. 

Additionally, the designs of our tents have been perfected over many years to fulfil the requirements of discerning resort owners who need a quality product that will hold up under semi-permanent use and will provide their clientele with exceptionally luxurious surroundings throughout their stay.

Frame your beautiful location to shine from every angle by investing in resort tents that don’t distract from your natural environment but instead enhance it for ultimate enjoyment.
The Glamper Range showcases an ingenious and economic design combining an individual canvas cabin with a stretch tent roof. This provides double roofing for a comfortable living climate within these luxury glamping tents.
Tentickle’s Explorer Range is taking luxury camping even further, tending specifically to the demands of high end luxury tourism. This range showcases Tentickle’s most elaborate luxury accommodation tents, large mess tents and exclusive tented luxury suites.
Tentickle’s Lodge Tents have been specifically designed to tend to investors with space limitations. With rising prices for raw materials like steel and timber due to a compromised planet, we seek to create a product with a low carbon footprint and great durability.

We Have The Ideal Tents For Resorts

When considering what makes a good resort tent, we combined all of our industry know-how with the input of discerning resort owners from around the globe. After all, drawing a tent and crafting it in a factory is a far cry from using it on-site and in real-time. 

This is why we took the time to streamline each design to the maximum – so we can ensure exceptional ease of use at every turn. Once your Tentickle resort tent is rigged, our goal is to have your accommodation venue ready to open its doors (and flaps) and focus on service, instead of infrastructure.


You can rig our luxury tents for resorts using your own team if you have access to experienced tent builders in your area. This is ideal for lodges and accommodation venues that have their own DIY crew and rigging consultants. 

Another option is to have a Tentickle-trained technical supervisor oversee the project to ensure everything runs smoothly. We recommend this, especially if you have a tight deadline, or would simply like to have a knowledgeable professional straight from the resort tent suppliers to oversee the set-up.

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