Quality Safari Tents with a Luxurious Difference

Tentickle Safari Tents are not your ordinary safari camp tents. Master designed and engineered, these structures are as striking as they are comfortable, luxurious and optimally practical. And because these tents are also easy to transport and purpose-built for non-invasive set-ups, you can take your guests to previously inaccessible or eco-sensitive areas without the risk of doing harm to Mother Nature.

Tent Designs that Compliment Nature

We understand that your guests’ first impression of your luxury camp site, will be the impression that lasts and that will create the standard for the rest of their experience in your camp. Beautifully shaped with gentle flowing lines and natural colours, inside and outside, our tents are specifically designed to unobtrusively blend into the surrounding nature.

Luxury Safari Tent Manufacturers of Comfortable and Functional Tents

As master tent designers and safari tent manufacturers, the Tentickle team understands that a truly luxurious experience is not about pretty tent interiors while the exterior is mess of dust filled draping canvas. It is a recipe that includes the aesthetics of the tent itself, the optimal functionality and comfort the structure provides, and lastly the expert decorating of this temporary home for your guests. To deliver a truly luxurious safari experience in a tented camp the tent itself must deliver the following:

  • Cooler tents: The high ceilings and optional double roofing system cool the tents down in hot climates. In addition, the fully shaded verandas ensure guests don’t need to be inside to escape the heat of the day.
  • Bug free: The reinforced mesh covering on all windows and doors provides excellent protection from both crawling and flying bugs, which is especially important in malaria areas.
  • Exceptional viewing: There is nothing more exciting than viewing game within the camp itself, this is mother nature at your front door. There is also nothing more frustrating than missing that viewing because you were inside your tent. Thanks to the wide expansive windows in our safari tents, this will never be an issue.
  • Convenient en-suite bathroom: The thought of stumbling into roaming game en-route to an outdoor bathroom is enough to scare any guest. But with our safari tents, this need never be an issue. Our luxury safari lodge tents include en-suite bathrooms, with flush toilet, shower and basin and mirrors.

Safari Lodge Tents – Easy Transport & Set Up, Operationally Efficient

Our safari camping tents have been carefully designed for operating in the bush or safari environment. During the research and development phase we identified a wide range of factors that challenge safari camp operators and addressed them head on. Here are just 3 of the many challenges our solution now addresses:

  • Ease of transport: As a safari camp operator one of your key objectives is to take your guests off the beaten track, to remote locations where nature is unspoilt and game viewing is abundant. Our tents are specifically designed to make this easier. When packed up they fit on the back of a 4×4 utility vehicle so there is no need for heavy transport machinery which disturbs the natural surroundings.
  • Setup time: With a four man rigging team the Eco Glamper can be set up in 3.5 to 4 hours, the Luxury Glamper takes 4.5 to 5 hours and both the Eco Glamper Suite and the Pano Glamper can be set up in 5 – 6 hours with a five man rigging team.The unique plug-in pole system ensures that repeat installations don’t damage the integrity of the poles. No drilling is required.
  • Repairable on-site: The modular design of our safari tents means that most repairs can be carried out onsite without taking the entire structure down, causing minimal disruption to guests and no loss of revenue for you.

The end result is a range of luxury safari tents that offer an unparalleled combination of operational efficiency. Trust Tentickle, with more than 15 years of tent design, manufacture and operation on one of the world’s most renowned safari continents, we understand the challenges safari camp operators face and we’ve gone all out to address them.

We are Proud Quality Safari Tent Suppliers

Designed to go where no luxury tent has gone before, our range of safari tents are constructed using only the best materials available, the highest manufacturing standards and strictest quality control processes. As safari tent suppliers we understand that you are setting up camp hundreds of kilometres out in the bush, so we know that you demand a quality product that will not cause you issues. Our safari tents are:

  • Engineered for strength and stability, the safari tent frame is made up of superior grade lightweight aluminium.
  • Made using the best materials available, our safari tents are built to withstand the elements in the bush. From our patented stretch tent fabric, which is UV resistant, to the top of the line waterproof coated canvas, we only use the best materials.
  • Protected from the harsh rays of the sun thanks to the optional double roofing solution which increases the longevity of the tent fabric.
  • Reinforced for added longevity and durability, our mosquito mesh is rubber coated.
  • Made using heavy duty industrial zips and velcro which mean that you won’t have to worry about constantly fiddling and fixing broken parts.

Why our Safari Tents will help your Business Grow

Whether you’re looking to grow an existing bush camp or setting up a new safari tent camping site in one of Africa’s popular destinations, such as the Okavango Delta in Botswana, the Serengeti in Tanzania, the Masai Mara in Kenya or a private game reserve in South Africa, or even a remote location in Australia, the Americas or India, our safari tents simply make good, solid business sense.

Quick ROI: From the day you pay your deposit you will wait just weeks before your luxury safari tents are up and running, and your guests are viewing game in luxurious comfort. No building delays, waiting for approval of plans or supplier non-delivery.

  • Less Costly than Building: Building chalets or brick lodges requires major investment. Not so with our tents, which also means a quicker Return on your Financial Investment.
  • No off-season expenses: As safari tent suppliers we understand the seasonal nature of your business, and the costs that this can incur, which is why we have designed our luxury safari tents so that they are easily dismantled and can be stored when when the safari season comes to an end. There are no building maintenance costs or staff salaries to weigh you down either.
  • Branch out: Experiential travel is a big buzz word in the travel industry, and our tents allow you to provide just that. The simple and fast set up; the easy way of transporting them in vehicles that give you access to brand new areas; the luxury component; the low maintenance. These are all factors that allow you to explore new ground and break into new markets, growing your business exponentially.

Standard Features across the Range


  • Organic, breathable, UV-resistant stretch tent roof
  • Roof can withstand wind speed of up to 60 knots.
  • Canvas wall with exceptional longevity
  • PVC flooring comes standard
  • Optional 90% density shade cloth double roofing
  • Tents are 100% Waterproof
  • International Standard Compliancy fire retardancy


  • Available colours for roof and walls: Chino, brown, grey and green
  • Powder coated poles and fittings are colour matched

Window Configuration Options:

  • Ample-sized windows for good viewing. Placing and sizing options available
  • Mosquito mesh windows, rubberised strengthened, closes with roll-up canvas
  • Choose fixed PVC windows in cooler climates


  • All units constructed with standard sized doors
  • ‘Bathtub’ type flooring configuration keeps groundwater and bugs at bay
  • En-suite bathroom with flushable toilet, basin and shower.
  • Flooring between bathroom and bedroom/living area is separated
  • Floor level air vents prevents mold build up in bathroom
  • can close vents in cooler temperatures
  • Waterproof, shaded front verandas standard on all units.

Create a Breath-taking Campsite with our Luxury Camping Tents

Our years of experience setting up tents in the African bush and beyond, coupled with groundbreaking engineering and tent design, results in a full safari tented camp solution. Talk to us about setting up your safari tent camp that will not only be efficient and practical, but also visually so impactful that your guests will be awe-struck. For more detail on each of our safari camping tents, visit the Eco Glampers, Luxury Glamper, or 360° Pano Glamper pages. Take your guests where they have never been before – get in touch with us today.

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