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As delightful as summer can be, it presents its own set of unique challenges. From scorching daytime temperatures to unpredictable rain showers in some regions, bugs, and strong winds – nature’s elements always keep us on our toes. 

Resort owners understand the challenges of shifting seasons. As the heat of summer arrives, so does the need to make adjustments for guest comfort and satisfaction. Tentickle Luxury Glamping Tents offer innovative glamping solutions that embrace the summer season without sacrificing luxury, durability or comfort.

Features For Hot, Dry, And Windy Climates

After a long day of hiking or exploring in the summer heat, guests crave to retreat to our luxurious tents and indulge in well-deserved and anticipated relaxation. 

It begs the question; “what makes our luxury tents so unique?”

Superior Ventilation

Tentickle’s tents are designed with large, strategically placed windows and doors that can be covered in mesh to allow for superb airflow and cross-ventilation. Even amidst sweltering temperatures, these thoughtful design elements ensure interior spaces remain refreshingly cool and inviting. 

Comforting Shade And Protection

For extremely hot and sunny settings – Tentickle’s innovative double roofing system provides an extra layer of protection against the harsh summer sun. Besides enhancing comfort, this feature helps to preserve the integrity of the tent fabric, ensuring durability and longevity for your investment. This feature is especially valuable in dry, desert-like areas like Namibia.  

Exceptional Durability

One of the major draws to our luxury tents is their durability. The tents are constructed with high-strength materials featuring our specially patented stretch tent fabric that’s designed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions and resist the effects of prolonged use.

100% Bug-Free Environment

All our tents are equipped with high-quality velcro and zippers, and PVC-reinforced rubberised mesh over windows and doors for a bug-proof environment. Our set-ups can feature mosquito netting too – allowing guests to enjoy luxurious relaxation in the midst of nature, without any unwanted intruders.

Impressive Stability

Crafted specifically for commercial use as outdoor retreats or resort accommodations – our luxury tents are built tough to withstand demanding conditions. They feature an aerodynamic design capable of enduring wind speeds of up to 115 km/h, making them a secure, solid shelter that ensures comfort and safety even in the most challenging environments.

Advantages For Hot And Rainy Climates

These tents are designed to excel in hot and rainy climates as well, making them the ideal choice for any weather condition.

Waterproof And Weathertight
The TentFlex stretch fabric used in our luxury tents is completely waterproof and expertly tensioned, ensuring that the interior remains dry and comfortable even during heavy downpours. 

Quick Drying

Our high-quality canvas weave boasts a unique design that allows moisture to escape directly through the fabric while maintaining waterproofing from the outside. This unique attribute allows the tents to dry rapidly after rain, preventing mildew and keeping a fresh environment.

Optionally Modular For Seasonal Flexibility

Whether you need to shift accommodations from flood-prone lower areas to higher ground or reconfigure the layout of your camp for different purposes, the optionally modular nature of Tentickle Luxury Tents allows for easy relocation by our experienced team. Thanks to their lightweight construction, easy installation, and transport, these tents are perfectly suited for use in seasonal camps, offering adaptability and convenience wherever they’re needed. 

With these features in mind, you can pick luxury tents with all the necessities for your resort’s glamping style. If you’re a hotel, camping or resort owner seeking to provide your guests with ideal year-round glamping accommodation, look no further than the luxury resort tents offered by Tentickle. Our resort tents for sale offer you the opportunity to elevate your property into a luxurious and distinctive destination that guarantees comfort in any weather.
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