Tentickle Stargazer Tents | Clear, Bug-proof Mesh Units

Reach For The Stars

Sleep under the stars in the lap of luxury in our unique range of Stargazers. These mesh units offer unimpeded views of the night sky & surrounding scenery in an innovative mosquito and bug-proof space with ample room for a comfortable stay.

Exclusive Outdoor Experiences

Set your accommodation venue apart by giving guests an unforgettable opportunity to spend the night under the stars in utter seclusion. Our bug-proof Stargazers feature a completely see-through structure that can be pitched as an add-on camp activity or optional destination for adventurous guests – ideal for fly-in camps in remote locations. Alternatively, you can set it up in your own garden to create a bug-free zone, to enjoy the outdoors and stargazing without going on holiday.

Unparalleled Comfort

Although compact to transport, our Stargazers are exceedingly spacious once rigged. The Cube offers 2.5m x 2.5m of space, which leaves ample room for a queen-sized bed; the Hexagon with its 2.5m diameter is even roomier. To ensure privacy and block wind on less pleasant nights, the structure features a number of canvas panels that can be hooked on and zipped up. These elements have been designed with ease of use in mind, so it’s completely user friendly and very simple to position.

Durable Quality

Our Stargazers are constructed from the highest quality, rubberised, UV-protected heavy-duty mosquito mesh available on the market. This not only provides peace of mind in terms of bugs and other small nocturnal creatures, it also means your investment will stand the test of time. An optional pull-over canvas cover protects your stargazer tent from the harsh elements during times when the tent is not in use.

1-2-3 Setup & Breakdown

Our Stargazers are even more lightweight and easy to transport than the rest of our innovative range of tented accommodation solutions. The stargazers frame is a max transport lengths of 1.2m, transported with ease using a conventional pickup or SUV. It’s so simple to pitch and strike that you’ll be able to accommodate last-minute bookings for star-studded sleepovers with absolute ease – perfect for busy venue owners.

Standard Features


  • Rubberised, UV-protected heavy-duty mosquito mesh
  • 2 x Durable roll-down canvas walls
  • PVC flooring standard

Colour Options:

  • Chino, brown, green and grey roof and walls
  • Matching powder coated poles and fittings


  • Full standard sized doors
  • ‘Bathtub’ floor configuration keeps out ground water & bugs
  • One panel zips off as an emergency exit

Pole Options:

  • Aluminium poles with high grade steel connectors (Inland Use)
  • Full stainless steel poles (Coastal Use)

Optional Features

Additional roll-down canvas wall panels
Pull-over canvas cover to protect the tent while not in use

Please note, our Stargazer tents are not waterproof. They are intended for use on star-studded fair weather nights.

Our Stargazer Sizes & Specifications

Stargazer Cube

Accommodates a queen-sized double bed with side table.


  • Cube size: 6.25m2
  • Inside pole height: 2m
  • Set up time: 30 minutes with 2-3 riggers

Stargazer Hexagon

Accommodates a queen-sized double bed with 2 x side tables and ample space for a sitting nook.


  • Hexagon size: 16m2
  • Inside pole height: 2m
  • Set up time: 45 minutes with 2-3 riggers

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