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Cutting edge Materials

As leading global stretch tent manufacturer, Tentickle is committed to quality materials and expert workmanship. This involves making sure that all our products are manufactured according to the highest industry standards while employing leading-edge welding and seam-sealing technologies.

All tent textiles are produced in South Africa under strict quality control. The fabrics are supplied with a certificate of origin from the chamber of commerce. Raw materials such as pigments and chemicals for coatings and sewing threads are supplied from the EU and USA. All goods are provided with international fire retardancy certification (Germany, UK, USA, Australia, France, Spain) as well as an EU building book including wind load and engineering certifications.

Top of the range

Stretch Tent

770gr Tentickle Tentflex, fire-retardant, waterproof, UV repellent, anti-microbial, highly tensile, Teflon-coated polyester stretch. The outside has a smooth, matt finish with a water-repellent lotus effect. The inside of the fabric has a natural flow and a soft, organic feel – not requiring any further draping.

The fabric reflects light very effectively and offers a great canvas for spectacular lighting concepts. The stretch tent roof is available in taupe outside/ chino inside, Howard green outside/ chino inside, charcoal outside/ grey inside and chino outside/ chino inside. All tents are sewn with the long-lasting PTFE Tenara Thread.


CLimate control


For extremely hot and sunny countries Tentickle have developed a double roofing system by adding 90% PE high density and high tensile shade cloth sewn with PTFE Tenara Thread about 80cm above the Tentflex roof. This keeps the tent cool during the day and extends the lifetime of the tent. The shade cloth is re-enforced with a central panel of Tentflex fabric to ensure durability and to get that stylish stretch tent flow.


Heat reduction

Creating a second climate chamber, the double roofing guarantees a comfortable living climate inside the cabin.

natural appearance

The shade net is non-reflective and therefore blends in well with nature.

lifetime enhancing

The outer shade gives protection to the stretch tent roof and extends its lifetime by at least 2-4 years, depending on the location.

Extra weather protection

The mesh of the shade reduces the rain drop sound immensely and gives extra wind stability.

Canvas Cabin

500gr ripstop canvas, flame retardant, anti-fungal, combined with high tensile rubber coated mesh. Available in light grey or chino.

Custom colours are available for large orders.


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