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Doors, windows, flooring & heating solutions


Tentickle Bespoke Luxury tents offer a quality range of tent fittings including fitted hinged doors, sliding doors, stacking doors, top hung windows, fixed framed glass panels, flooring options and heating appliances. If you have chosen a luxury tent with insulated wall panels, we strongly recommend opting for Tentickle’s window & door options to guarantee a tight fit and seamless look.

Doors & Windows

Fit your tent with your choice of fitted hinged doors, sliding doors, stacking doors, top hung windows or fixed glass panels with aluminium frames. 

The aluminium frames are available as a standard light weight version, suitable for smaller tent types, and as high-grade heavy-duty version, suitable for all window and door sizes without limitations. A wide range of colours as well as custom colour options are available.


The cabin is ideally fixed on a wooden deck or smoothed concrete slab. The tent is supplied with skirtings/ Kedar channels to seal the cabin to the floor for bug protection. If the tent shall be installed directly on a levelled floor/surface, we may provide a PVC ground sheet as well as a base frame, which can be finished with wooden flooring or carpets.

There are many flooring options, considering locally available materials, environmental impact and budget – whichever choice you make, we will assist with the respective platform design.


for the colder seasons 


Heating inside your tents extends the season and allows the tent to be used all year around in moderate climate.  When the colder season starts and the days get shorter, one spends more time inside the tent, looking for a warm & cosy retreat. Indoor fireplaces give an extraordinary feel of hominess and comfort, especially when out in nature.

Let’s explore the different heating options for our luxury tents. Generally, most available heating options are possible.


Enclosed wooden fireplace

The fireplace must be situated close to the walls, not in the centre of the room.  An extra heat shield panel will be placed behind the fireplace for extra safety. The piping must be insulated touch-safe and integrated in the tent frame mounting and roofing cut-outs. Note that fireplaces must be completely enclosed (glazed) to avoid smoke and open fire inside the tent. 

Gas fireplace

Gas fireplaces give a similar feel as a wooden fireplace, but with a lot less maintenance and without the risk of smoke escaping into the tent. The installation is similar to the wooden fireplaces, but without the custom chimney work. Professional installation of a gas fireplace is paramount and no DIY project.

Floor heating

This is a great solution for The Glamper Range with fully insulated wall and ceiling panels.


Possible, but only recommended for short-term use – not for an entire cold season.

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