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The Glamper Range showcases an ingenious and economic design combining an individual canvas cabin with a stretch tent roof. This provides double roofing for a comfortable living climate within these luxury glamping tents.

Tentickle’s Explorer Range is taking luxury camping even further, tending specifically to the demands of high end luxury tourism. This range showcases Tentickle’s most elaborate luxury accommodation tents, large mess tents and exclusive tented luxury suites.

Tentickle’s Lodge Tents have been specifically designed to tend to investors with space limitations. With rising prices for raw materials like steel and timber due to a compromised planet, we seek to create a product with a low carbon footprint and great durability.

Outer Shade Roof

For extremely hot and sunny countries Tentickle have developed a double roofing system by adding 90% PE high density and high tensile shade cloth sewn with PTFE Tenara Thread about 80cm above the Tentflex roof. This keeps the tent cool during the day and extends the lifetime of the tent. The shade cloth is re-enforced with a central panel of Tentflex fabric to ensure durability and to get that stylish stretch tent flow.

Tent Fittings

Tentickle Bespoke Luxury tents offer a quality range of tent fittings including fitted hinged doors, sliding doors, stacking doors, top hung windows, fixed framed glass panels, flooring options and heating appliances. If you have chosen a luxury tent with insulated wall panels, we strongly recommend opting for Tentickle’s window & door options to guarantee a tight fit and seamless look.

100 % waterproof

UV repellent

fire retardant

ultra flexible

custom made

Cutting-edge Materials

As leading global stretch tent manufacturer, Tentickle is committed to quality materials and expert workmanship. This involves making sure that all our products are manufactured according to the highest industry standards while employing leading-edge welding and seam-sealing technologies.

All tent textiles are produced in South Africa under strict quality control. The fabrics are supplied with a certificate of origin from the chamber of commerce. Raw materials such as pigments and chemicals for coatings and sewing threads are supplied from the EU and USA. All goods are provided with international fire retardancy certification (Germany, UK, USA, Australia, France, Spain) as well as an EU building book including wind load and engineering certifications.


Tentickle Bespoke Luxury Tents offers suiting tent ranges and tent models for your location, terrain and climate.

Explore: The Glamper Range, The Explorer Range, The Lodge Tent RangeCabin Tents, Mess Tents, Safari Tents, Eco Tents, House Tents, Resort Tents, Permanent Tents.

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