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What do the words competent, intention, and content have in common? They all contain a bit of ‘tent! All kidding aside, these terms actually do describe the Tentickle team’s approach to business to a T – our exceptionally competent and accomplished team work with purpose, to ensure each and every client is 100% content with their luxury tent

See, we realise a luxury tent purchase is a big investment and that savvy business- and venue owners need to know they are working with a team they can trust. Here are four reasons to choose Tentickle when you are ready to create exceptional spaces in beautiful locations: 

  1. A History Of Excellence

Tentickle has 25+ years of experience in the tenting industry, and has become renowned as leading innovators and pioneers in this exciting field thanks to ongoing research and development of a range of bespoke luxury tent solutions. These days, a dispersed team of professionals around the globe work hand-in-hand with business owners to provide ideal stretch tent solutions or everything from safari lodges in Kenya, to luxury eco camps in Madrid, and so much more. 

  1. Manufacturing Expertise

Years of trial and error, design and redesign, and in-situ experiments with materials and structures have taught our team what they needed to know in order to create exceptional tents that are suited to almost every climate and terrain.

  1. Impeccable Design And Craftmanship

Our hand-picked designers work closely with our deft manufacturing crew, using only the highest quality materials that have been stress-tested in some of the most rugged and inhospitable environments in the world. In short, we make our tents beautiful and we make them strong – so your investment will last you many years to come.

  1. Sustainable And Responsible Ethos

Thanks to the use of light, durable and recyclable materials, Tentickle Luxury Tents has worked tirelessly to create a tenting solution paving the way for luxury tourism that seeks to draw people out of their urban lives and reintroduce them to the beauty and majesty of the great outdoors. 

With each design and installation, we strive for the lowest possible carbon footprint, highest performance and greatest durability so responsible tourism providers are able to maximise the benefits of economic stimulation in their communities while keeping environmental impact to a minimum. 
There you have it – our top reasons why the Tentickle team is the luxury tent supplier of choice for top accommodation venues around the globe. For more information on our services and tent ranges, feel free to get in touch with our team. We are happy to provide you with any insights and support you need along your luxury tent purchase journey in South Africa, southern Africa and further afield.

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