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At Tentickle, we’ve worked hard to design, craft and create a comprehensive selection of luxury tents that tick the must-have boxes of all the different people and destinations who require the ease and accessibility of semi-permanent luxury accommodation options. This includes our Glamper range and Explorer range

So, how do you know which range is suited to your needs? It all comes down to your requirements – so here is a breakdown of the differences between these two luxury tent ranges, as well as the important things they have in common. 

Let’s start with the differences between the Glamper VS Explorer range: 

Top 3 Benefits Of The Tentickle Glamper Range 

The Glamper range features 9 standard units with a fixed layout, based on an economic design that combines an individual canvas cabin with a stretch tent roof and optional outer shade net – this provides double roofing for even the most extreme climates. For our international clients – these tents are ideal for hybrid setups in case you prefer to work with a local supplier in your country to manufacture the cabin.

  1. More compact tents for classic tented accommodation set-ups
  2. Best insulation of all tent ranges through standard double roofing or optional triple roofing
  3. The most economic range of Tentickle luxury tents

Top 3 Benefits Of The Tentickle Explorer Range 

The Explorer range features 9 standard units, as well as 5 mess tent units, that have been designed with the requirements of the top luxury camping market in mind. The cabin is connected to the stretch tent roof through a flexible membrane. This creates ceiling heights of 3.5 – 5 metres and a fully enclosed indoor space ranging from 32 to 165 square metres; and a total indoor/ outdoor area of up to 310 square metres, these tents redefine the very notion of space. 

  1. Incredibly spacious tents ideal for luxury tourism accommodation
  2. Top-tier tent technology & elaborate design elements feature throughout
  3. Easy to adapt to unique location requirements

3 Amazing Things The Glamper And Explorer Ranges Have in Common

The great thing about investing in a Tentickle tent is that you can rest assured the same care and attention to detail is given to every single unit we produce. As such, both the Glamper and Explorer ranges feature the following benefits for individuals and eco-tourism businesses alike: 

  1. Incredibly safe and comfortable. All Tentickle tents are 100% bug-free, waterproof, UV-resistant, flame-retardant and treated with a long-life anti-fungal treatment. 
  2. Unflappable. The aerodynamic design of our tents has been certified to withstand wind speeds of up to 115 km/h, which has been pressure-tested in some of the toughest climates the world over. 
  3. Professional customisations available. As a glamping tent manufacturer, we do offer customisations to your specific requirements that are provided by our Custom Luxury Tent Design division and are charged as an additional service upon request. 

There you have it – the top benefits of each range, as well as the important things they have in common. For more information on our tent ranges, and to find out which would suit your requirements most closely, feel free to reach out to the Tentickle team for expert advice and product insights. 

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